How can we make your beautiful home even better?

Shrubs structure and complete out the landscape. They are one of the most important design elements that will affect the overall look and feel of your home. The type of shrub and its placement within the landscape should accentuate the features of your home, garden or backyard space. By using an assortment of shrubs, you can create an attractive, balanced design. There is a multitude of shrubs from which to choose, not to mention the numerous varieties within some shrub families.
Trees around your home can increase its value up to 15% or more††. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air, produce oxygen and give birds a home. Trees provide many other benefits. Did you know that the simple act of planting a tree can result in energy savings? Trees can provide wind protection, shade and cool air, while adding beauty and privacy to the landscape. Deciduous trees can save energy in summer by shading houses, paved areas, and air conditioners. Evergreen trees can save energy by slowing cold winds in the winter. There are a lot of varieties to consider. There are beautiful spring flowering specimens to those that provide spectacular fall color and everything in between.

††Source: The Gallup Organization.